• "I am extremely sorry for my actions and disrespect, especially towards the police officer and the rest of the community. My actions affected the fire department and ther families. Also I'm very sorry to anyone who was scared or shocked as I have been in shocking and life changing moments as well."........  (from an adult accused person)

  • "As the accused's mother, I wish to express my great appreciation for my son having the opportunity to hear from others involved in the crime and understand how broadly his actions affected people in the community."........ (from the mother of an accused)

  • Thank you for the opportunity to help these students understand the impact of their actions and for continuing to support the school community in the way that you have.......from a school representative who participated in a community justice forum.

  • Thank you for volunteering your time to help us resolve this matter........from a community justice forum participant.

  • I came in here feeling a lot of anger and resistance to the whole process but my anger disappeared and I feel a lot better and hope we continue to heal....from a complainant participating in a community justice forum.

  • The Forum was run in a professional, informed and efficient manner..... (from a police officer)

  • Since participating in a community justice forum, my son is making better choices of friends and his grades at school are improving. He is participating in sports rather than hanging out downtown after school hours.   (from a parent)

  • Special thank you to The Commonwell team for their generous support.
    THANK YOU TO THE COMMONWELL! We are so grateful to have the support of the incredible team at The Commonwell as they donate $5,000 to support our work in the community. We could not do this without the amazing committment & generousity of folks like them
  • Lanark County Community Justice challenges you to pick 3 of these top 10 ways to live restoratively and try doing them for a month
    We challenge you to pick 3 of these top 10 ways to live restoratively and try them for a month. Then let us know how it went for you!
  • United Way
    Andrew and Beth with Fraser Scantlebury from the United Way
  • Students on the rug at St. Francis
    St. Francis students help to celebrate the launch of the school program.

What's up

Perth, ON, September 8, 2016 – Lanark County Community Justice Program (LCCJP) is recruiting volunteers to support the use of restorative approaches by youth and adults in the schools and youth read more...
Perth, ON, September 1, 2016 – Lanark County Community Justice Program (LCCJP) is pleased to announce the hiring of a new Executive Director. Sarah Bingham will join the LCCJP team as of September 19 read more...