Bringing Restorative Justice Practices Into my Life

I have been a restorative justice community facilitator for three years and feel that it is one of the most significant roles that I play in my community. The training is so extensive that it has not only given me confidence as a forum facilitator but has translated into skills that benefit other roles that I play in my life. I am the Coordinator of the Expressive Arts Graduate Program at Fleming College where I find myself often having to facilitate conflict amongst group members. I now handle conflict using many of the methods of conducting a forum. It has been duly noted by college administration, participants and me that this method leaves everyone feeling heard, part of the resolution and able to move ahead to work together towards common goals. I am very grateful for the training opportunities by Lanark County Community Justice Program for the honour of being a forum facilitator. The benefits of these skills to our community have preventative effects and model and effective community model for managing conflict.

By Julie McIntyre - August 17, 2015

Facilitator with Lanark County Community Justice -