Building Restorative Communities

Lanark County Community Justice is proud to begin their Restorative Roots Workshop, an informative, engaging and interactive training to guide community members into being able to better respond to those we care about in need. Participants will explore

  • The impacts of trauma
  • Strategies to create safe places
  • How to support and help those closest to us.

“How you respond to me is more important then; what happened to me, who did it to me, how often it happened, anything else” research has proven. We have all felt that moment when you just do not know how to respond to someone’s story. We do not want to say the wrong thing or make it worst. People will walk away from this training with the skills to make those uncomfortable situations more comfortable and an understanding of what they are responsible for and what they are not responsible for.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Restorative Roots highlights the prevalence of trauma within Lanark County and the need for awareness of the impacts of trauma within rural areas. Through teaching restorative practices, the workshops will foster positive social responses and capacity building when supporting victims. Building on the youth centred programs in schools, the Restorative Roots Workshops, are a community wide training to teach parents, coaches, the workplace and everyone within a community how to interact with youth and adults, in a restorative way. Restorative approaches have been shown to create and support healing, recovery and lead to positive benefits on physical, mental and emotional health for individuals and the community.

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